Organic – How to Sell It

soil association _organic_black_CMYK_300dpiIt turns out, even more people are drawn to organic than we thought!

The organic market grew by 7.1% in 2016 which is a great indicator, but we decided to dive deeper and in late 2016 we conducted research to find out who was buying organic and why. We looked at a broad range of people from all over the country who identified as organic shoppers (ranging from committed customers to occasional buyers).  We found that the range of people buying organic was much broader than we previously thought.

Consumers are interested in organic for a number of reasons – ethical production methods and high animal welfare is a part of some consumers’ decision making, but others bought organic products because they are gastronomically exciting and often have a great story behind them. We also found that people are becoming more aware of what they put into their bodies (or their children’s) and so organic is the natural, healthy choice.

Despite the growth of the market and broad range of consumers to appeal to, we were also made very aware that understanding around the term ‘organic’ was still limited and was identified as the biggest barrier to further growth in the organic market. That’s where Organic September can help. The campaign centres around the message – ‘Organic: food as it should be’. We found this simple message resonates with consumers and helps them to start to understand what organic is all about.

We’ve carved out a special day for independent retailers during the month – Organic September Saturday – to be held on the 16th. The day will shine the spotlight on retailers that are offering organic and gives us the opportunity to shout about the excellent work being done in cities and towns around the UK. The day is open to any independent business selling organic products and we’re offering free toolkits to help retailers spread the word and highlight their organic products in store. We can also offer social media and PR support, for more information visit the Soil Association website.

To find out more on the subject, join Alison on the Food for Thought Stage at Speciality & Fine Food Fair  on the Sunday 3rd of September from 2.30 – 3.15 where she’ll be discussing Organic September Saturday and how retailers can engage with organic consumers.

About the Author: Alison works with businesses across the organic supply chain, from farmers and growers to wholesalers and retailers. Alison’s main aim is to grow the organic market in Scotland and raise awareness of the value of organics and why the public should buy it.

Before she came to the Soil Association she worked as a dry goods buyer at a chain of independent delicatessens, so she is well aware of the difficulties and huge opportunities organic can present.

She can offer businesses marketing support, supply chain advice, training and opportunities to connect with their customers and fellow organic business owners across Scotland and the UK.

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