The Craft Beer Craze

With the craft beer scene continuing to grow we asked Ben O’Brien, founder of Sourced Market, why he believes craft beer is doing so well:

  • Drinkers are becoming more adventurous and looking for new flavours
  • There’s a much wider selection of styles that appeal to people that have not traditionally been beer drinkers
  • People are attracted to the artisan nature of craft beer and prefer to purchase something from an independent local producer rather than a global conglomerate, as with food
  • People are drinking more to enjoy the beer rather than get drunk and are willing to spend more for a better product as they drink less
  • The wider variety of beer styles now available means that beer is better matched to food and a move away from pints as the traditional serving size is also more appropriate to match with food

At Sourced Market we have a growler filler that allows customers to purchase draft beer to take away in refillable containers. This is common in the US but much rarer in the UK and is proving really popular. It also shows that, following the very rapid adoption of craft beer in cans, that customers are very receptive to new trends that come to market.

You can meet Ben O’Brien at The International Food & Drink Event, London Excel (19-22nd March). He will be speaking on The Big Picture Stage about Crowdfunding and giving advice based on his huge success.

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