The Duck Truck

We interviewed Ed Farrell, The Drake (Founder) of The Duck Truck to find out more about Street Food…

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What were your influences around concept development?

I used to work on a duck farm as innovations manager funnily enough. I fell in love with duck and decided I could do more on my own.

What is your take on fast food on the go/casual dining and how did this impact your concept?

It’s huge at the moment. I think feeding yourself these days at supermarkets is almost as expensive as eating at a reasonable casual dining restaurant. When your knackered from a hard days work, isn’t it great to be able to meet friends and have great food at reasonable prices.

How did you develop the menu and how long did this take?

I’m always developing the menu. This shouldn’t and will never stop for us. Quality is key, we obviously have our winners, but adding and improving is vital.

What is your signature dish?

By far it’s our take on the crispy duck wrap. But we have just launched a duck breast steak with duck fat chips and salad and it’s quickly catching the wrap in terms of popularity.

Do you face any challenges when it comes to serving high quality food quickly (e.g. when you cater at events etc.)?

We serve quality food at ridiculous volume, most restaurants wouldn’t believe the number of covers we do in a day. Of course it comes with it’s challenges. Being operationally able to cook that much food quickly is a skill learnt over many years!

Which other outlets do you admire or take influence from?

We have a great close net of like minded traders, we all help each other out and share ideas from each other. We are always learning. Los Churros Amigos have an amazing operation. Le Rac Shack are very impressive. And how Dorshi make that many dumplings is beyond me!

Did you take food trends into account, if so, what?

Not really. It’s about creating your own trend, not following others. If you do that you will struggle and always be keeping up. Lot’s of people try and fail, probably because they are trying too hard to follow trends.

What is unique about your establishment? 

This one is easy. The UK’s first and only, duck only restaurant.

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What are the future plans for your business?

Build an established restaurant chain. We have our first and are already looking for the next two sites.

What would be your advice to anyone looking to start their own casual dining/on the go restaurant?

Be prepared to work harder than ever before, make less money than before and have less free time than ever before! Seriously, be prepared and get some good advice, otherwise it won’t be sustainable. It’s a very ‘fashionable’ thing to do these days, but that doesn’t make it easy.

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