Spotlight on; Picualia

1. What are your ideas behind concept development?

image2Picualia combines decades of tradition with the most advanced mill in the world as such we are always looking for innovative ways to present our oil and create interesting high quality limited edition presses to suit every taste, budget and culinary need for today’s demanding market and through oleo-tourism talks and seminars we can educate the world to the benefits of using quality EVOO in all cooking methods.

2: What’s unique about Picualia?

image3Everything! With technology changing immensely over the years. Picualia are at the forefront of EVOO production and have the only state of the art eco friendly mill in Spain. Using the very latest environmentally friendly technology Picualia has the ability to produce the freshest purest Extra virgin Olive Oil possible. The resulting oil is then stored in a sterile, stable environment protected from all light, heat and aromas. We only bottle upon order ensuring our oil delivered retains its incredible freshness and flavour.


3. Perfecting the taste

Nature has provided us with the most nutrient Rich and flavoursome fruit out of the 260 olive varieties grown in Spain Picualia use the Picual olive. This fruit was specifically chosen for its complexity of flavour nutritional richness and robust nature. Picualia’s job is to capture, preserve and lock in that pure taste. Uniquely we harvest in October November and December creating three very different taste variations to appeal to an assortment of taste palettes and compliment any food.

Key to ensuring the taste is preserved is the sympathetic process the fruit goes through. The picualia mill is one of the most advanced in the world this enables every stage of the milling to be carefully controlled ensuring consistency, precision and perfectly balanced flavour every time.


4. Advice on starting a business

image5Only get involved with a product that you are completely passionate about and totally believe in – then get ready for lots of hard work, long hours and sacrifices! Glean as much information from the experts in your field and research research research. It’s so important to understand the market place you are in, from your competitors to the consumer and everyone else in between, don’t expect a smooth ride and fast results but with a enormous amount of commitment, passion plus good work ethic you will succeed!


5. Food trends we have noticed

The market place has changed massively over the last few years so it’s crucial to keep in touch with customer needs there has been a strong incline towards healthy, nutritious, fresh plant based foods, people now care about what they are putting in their bodies and at the same time want it to taste good and are demanding the best. With this trend gaining momentum people are turning their backs on processed refined foods and are caring more about sustainability and ethnical farming- wanting to know how their product has been farmed, with the knowledge that the product they have bought has had a minimal impact on the environment.image7


6. Following trends and how it affects our business

Picualia like to set the trends! That said our approach to market research is quite diverse so we do monitor lots of different sectors to gain inspiration and ideas. For example we are noticing lots of developments across the health and quality sector- we are very excited about its rapid growth and the consumers it’s attracting-not only does it have to taste good -it’s great if it good for you too.


7. Future plans for Picualia

Piculaia’s goal is to become non other than world leaders in the production of quality EVOO both domestically and internationally. We have our sights firmly set on the UK’s butter loving nation- not of course to completely convert, but merely to educate the world about the pure joy of quality EVOO through education, seminars and oleo-tourism

Picualia’s vision, innovation strong branding and absolute passion for quality make us unique in the current market place.


8. Outlets internationally

Picualia are brand new to the UK market- so watch this space! We have numerous outlets across Spain Brussels, Holland and France.