The Ultimate Cocktail Recipes to Celebrate the End of Dry Jan

As dry January draws to an end, Michael Sager from Sager + Wilde shares some of his favourite cocktail recipes for us to try.

The Estate:

15ml Cognac

15ml Sandalwood Syrup*

10ml Oloroso Sherry

3 dashes of Fee Brothers Walnut Bitters

Top Champagne

Add all the ingredients to a champagne flute and top with champagne, give a gentle stir to mix and serve

*To make sandalwood syrup: take 30gr of red sandalwood (should be available through Neil’s Yard), bring 500ml of water to the boil, add sandalwood and leave to infuse for 20min. Strain and add 500gr of caster sugar, stir till dissolved and leave to cool.

cocktail 2


35ml Vodka

15ml Somerset Cider Brandy

15ml Briotette Manaza Verde Apple Liqueur

25ml Apple Caramel*

Add all ingredients into shaker and give a hard shake, strain into a nice martini glass or coupette.

*To make apple caramel: take 1 litre of high quality apple juice, put in a pan on a high heat until it has reduced to 250ml, leave to cool.

cocktail 1