Spotlight On: Fancy Funkin Chicken

We interviewed Fancy Funkin Chicken to seek advice on starting your own restaurant and what it took to make their concept a success.

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What were your influences around concept development?

Most people’s staple food, chicken and all its forms, fried, grilled, ‘funked’… we wanted to showcase this food fundamental in the best way possible, using ethically sourced chicken and twists on traditional cooking methods to elevate it to new heights.

What is your take on fast food on the go/casual dining and how did this impact your concept?

Wider use of delivery systems, and busy lifestyles mean the casual dining scene can flourish, which is a great thing. For us, that means we can cater for lots of people, and what we’re making is easily attainable and accessible to them.

How did you develop the menu and how long did this take?

Our menu has been evolving over the past year. It’s a culmination of cooking tips and tricks from chef friends, travels and a soft spot for quality chicken.

What is your signature dish?

All of our burgers.

Do you face any challenges when it comes to serving high quality food quickly?

The care with which we prepare dishes using high quality ingredients is second nature, so we don’t face any challenges when it comes to giving our guests there chicken fix efficiently.

What other outlets do you admire or did you take influence from?

Randall and Aubin on Berwick St. Great vibe, food and friendly staff.

Do you take food trends into account?

Sure; sloppy fast food is a thing of the past. There’s now a special place in London’s dining scene for pick me ups and street foods which we hope to be a part of.

What’s unique about your establishment?

We serve quality and comforting food, high-end cocktails and a vibrant music programme; three strengths which marry well together, and with none of these aspects comprised for one another.

What are the future plans for your business?

Fancy Funkin Chicken is a concept that we can take anywhere, but for the time being all of our efforts are on the opening and getting to know our neighbours.

What would be your advice to anyone looking to start their own causal dining/on the go restaurant?

Perfect the product, choose a location that complements and enhances the product, invest in your staff and take lots of deep breaths!

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