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That’s Smokin’!

Smoked foods are enjoying a renaissance with everything from ketchup, jams, chocolate and even yoghurt receiving the smoky treatment. Scottish smokers Smoky Brae have taken this trend one step further with their Smoked Sugar and Smoked Gravlax Cure.”What started out as a garden experiment has now expanded to our own purpose built smokery”, says Smoky Brae founder, Graham Johnston. “We do not smoke traditional products and with the trend for smoked increasing, people are looking for new and inventive products to try. Our smoked sugar is incredibly versatile and adds smoky depth to a number of treats including marshmallows, doughnuts and chocolate and is also a welcome addition to meats and cocktails”.

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Keep It Functional

Functional foods are starting to extend their way into our everyday lives, as the trend for health and wellbeing explodes. Functional foods are those looking for additional benefits in their food and drink – such as probiotics, nutritional supplements or vitamins. Premium ice cream makers Minioti spotted a gap in the market, and have created an ice cream range that contains no added sugar, just carefully selected live cultures for added health benefits. “We are passionate about healthy eating, and wanted to create indulgent treats for children and the family, without any added nasties” said co founder Anna Boletta. “With Minioti we use healthy live cultures and 100% Jersey milk in our ice creams and no refined sugar.”

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Get Crafty

Craft and provenance is becoming increasingly important – particularly within the alcohol category – as consumers begin to seek smaller, premium brands and products that are made using traditional methods. ‘Craft cider is enjoying a considerable revival’ says Managing Director at Sheppy’s, David Sheppy. ‘Though not yet on the same scale as craft beer, people are showing a preference for ‘proper’ apple cider, and as a result they are steering towards products with heritage and provenance.” Sheppy’s are this year celebrating their bicentenary – 200 years of craft cider making.


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Avo Avocado

Once a rare treat, the avocado has soared in popularity with everyone from chefs to food bloggers hailing it the new ‘superfruit’. Not just for salads, the avocado is now enjoyed on toast and in smoothies – as well as a healthier alternative to butter in treats such as brownies. “I think avocados have become so popular because they are seen as a healthy fruit with good fats, which have become an important part of our recommended diet ” says Hannah McCollum, founder of Hummus brand Chic P. “I chose avocado as an ingredient because they blend well into a smooth hummus – as well as being healthy and filling. I also saw this as a perfect opportunity to help prevent avocados from being wasted, as they are often discarded if bruised or going brown.”


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Coconut Crazy

Oil, jerky, water – there is no doubt that people have gone nuts for coconuts. “Coconut is experiencing a resurgence in the food world due to its versatility, flavour and healthy fat content,” says founder of Nourish – grow, cook, enjoy, Ineke Nugteren. “Coconut provides a nutritious source of meat, juice, milk, and oil that has fed and nourished populations around the world a long time before the West became interested in it. Using the many edible parts of the coconut in your diet is beneficial for your health. You can use the electrolyte rich coconut water for drinking, the flesh for making desserts or yoghurts, the raw coconut oil for cooking/baking and shredded coconut in baking.”

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