Recipe: Roasted Beetroot & Rosemary Hummus



– Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees Celsius
– Wrap both beetroot in tin foil and poke a few holes in them with either a fork or sharp knife so that they can breathe whilst in the oven. Place them in the oven for 45-50min or until you can easily poke a fork into them
– Once done let them cool for a few moments then peel the skin off with either your hands or a knife and cut them up into slices and add to a food processor or a mixing bowl if you are using a hand blender
– Add the garlic cloves, rosemary leaves and remaining ingredients
– Blend on a high speed blend for a good 3-4minutes until really nice and creamy.
– If you are using a hand blender you will need to make sure that all the rosemary leaves and garlic is properly blended
– Taste! Does it need another pinch of sea salt? If you feel yes then add a small pinch but not too much otherwise it may be too salty
– Blend again! And Voila! Ready to serve with crackers or crudités

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