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Tabun_Food_040Food so fresh and flavoursome that it has been a hit on the streets of Jerusalem since pre-Biblical times has come to London. Diners in the UK capital are able to experience the thrillingly theatrical preparation of mouth-watering Middle-Eastern wraps cooked in the flames of a modern oven, a throwback to the traditional ‘tabun’ oven.  Recipes are from founder Hanan Kattan’s own family archives giving a true heritage authenticity to the food.

Tabun Kitchen have given this long-cherished taste a modern twist and has opened in vibrant Soho.With each wrap, baked and prepared fresh on site, Tabun tell the story of thousands of years of warmth and hospitality in the Middle East. The oven has been used in Palestine since before the Bible was written and has been used to make fresh, warm bread daily for friends and family ever since. Tabun Kitchen believes that this satisfying service should be made available to modern Londoners; quickly, conveniently and at an affordable price.

Middle Eastern cuisine has become a fast growing staple on the UK food scene and Tabun Kitchen is sure to appeal to those seeking a fresh, fast, satisfying meal without having to sacrifice quality or taste. The menu at Tabun Kitchen leads with wraps made from high protein flour, which are both easy to digest and light to eat. But even if you want to leave out the bread, the delicious, lean chicken, falafel, lamb or other tasty fillings can be easily layered with freshly chopped salads, tabbouleh, pickles and dressing to create a satisfying box or boTabun_Food_032wl lunch. Another speciality is Mussakan, a traditional Palestinian filling for Tabun bread that uses marinated chicken, softened onions, roasted pine nuts and sumac. Mussakan is a key filling for Tabun Kitchen and will give those who try it an authentic taste of Palestine.

For breakfast, Tabun Kitchen can tempt you with a Shakshuka, a long-loved favourite featuring eggs and a rich tomato sauce, or healthy Greek-style yoghurt drizzled with aromatic honey and crushed pistachios. Come dinnertime there is an ever-changing menu, with the best way to begin a meal surely being the Mini Mezze, which offer you a chance to taste many flavours of the Middle East on one plate. This will then be followed by a choice of a contemporary take on home style cooking as main dish, with sides including beautifully prepared salad, marinated olives and special crisp fries, dusted with a unique thyme based zataar spice mix. A selection of dreamy desserts and fantastically fresh coffee and juices are also available, with Tabun Kitchen tapping into the convivial, free-spirited atmosphere of Soho by offering a refreshing range of cocktails each with a Middle Eastern twist.

This will be the first time that the modernised cuisine of Palestine will make its mark in the heart of the London food scene, and there could be nowhere better toTabun_Food_074 acquaint yourself with its delights than Tabun Kitchen. Founder Hanan Kattan grew up in a Palestinian household in Jordan. Her father is from Bethlehem and mother from Jerusalem, and she knows more than anyone the importance of home-cooked food and warm hospitality in the history of her ancestors. The story of Palestinian food and cuisine is the story of life, family and friends, and with Hanan being both a food enthusiast and an award-winning film producer, she is the perfect person to tell you that story.

Come to Tabun Kitchen to taste authentic Jerusalem street food transported to the heart of happening Soho in London. With a take-out counter and comfortable seating inside, you can grab something good on the go or relax and take in the warm, contemporary, atmosphere.

The story of Palestinian food and flavour continues, thanks to Tabun Kitchen.

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