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Fermented foods


Christine is an award winning Nutritionist, Chef and Author with over 18 years of experience in the health and food industry and has an extensive knowledge of fermented foods.

Fermented foods have been a well-established part of the human diet for thousands of years and now they are gaining in popularity with many health consumers. The buzz about fermented foods and their probiotic benefits is also receiving more research attention particularly for their impact on gastrointestinal wellbeing as well as many other conditions affecting a wide range of body systems including mental health.

Apart from conventional yoghurt and fermented milks, several fermented nondairy foods are gaining in interest, in particular from soy, often originating from Traditional Asian diets.

Christine will be giving an overview of the most popular fermented foods on the market, their health benefits and future opportunities for incorporation into foods and products at Speciality & Fine Food Fair in September. Find out more here.


Leah and DaisyThe Hardihood is an East London based brand of Raw Cake and superfood confectionery. Who believe that people should have complete freedom of choice when it comes to what they’re putting in their bodies and that they shouldn’t have to compromise on flavour or decadence in doing so.

Leah Garwood-Gowers and Daisy Payne will be speaking at Speciality & Fine Food Fair about how to use superfoods, incorporating them into your day to day life and the benefits of popular superfoods and some of the more unusual ones. Find out more here.

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