Cooking with Critters

Crickets are regular feature in Thai cooking. As popular as South East Asian cuisine has become here, they’re something that’s inevitably left off our ingredient list. It’s a shame because crickets not only add a protein punch to this aromatic veggie dish, they also provide a wonderful depth of flavour. Traditionally this recipe would include whole roasted crickets, seasoned with salt, sugar and a splash of lime or rice vinegar. Sprinkled on top they give the dish some bite! However, Mophagy have found a new way to include the crickets’ flavour and nutrition in to the soup using cricket powder, making it easy for even the most  squeamish gastronauts to swallow. It’s the ultimate dinner party crowd pleaser and so quick to make!


1. In a hot pan quickly fry off the ginger, peppers, carrot

2. Stir in the cricket powder and 5 spice, then add rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, fish sauce and the juice & zest limes. Stir for 30 secs.

3. Pour over the vegetable stock and bring to gentle bubble for 5-7 mins. Liquid should reduce by 15-20%.

4. Pop in the noodles and bok choi, cover and cook for a further 2 mins (or as long as noodles take)

5. Pour in to bowls and top with onions, chilli and coriander. Enjoy!

Mophagy Cricket PowderIngredients

– Cricket Powder 3 TBSP

– 1 finely grated thumb of ginger

– 2 Limes

– 2 TBSP 5 Spice

– Yellow and Red Peppers cut into strips

– 1 finely sliced carrot

– 2 chopped Bok Choi

– 6 pints of vegetable broth

– A few plugs of soy

– A few plugs of rice wine vinager

– A few drops of Nam Pla Fish Sauce

– Udon Noodles

For on top of the soup;

-1 handful off finely chopped spring onions

-1 Red Birdseye Chilli

-1 big bunch of Coriander chopped finely

A Critter Cocktail 

This is rum and coke. Well, not really. Rum and acorn. OK, it’s cricket-laced rum and acorn soda.


Robert Wood,Head of drinks, wanted to create something familiar yet unfamiliar; the goal was a drink that was comforting, but offered new flavours and the potential for a ‘rum and coke;’ using more native ingredients.  A dark rum was infused over 24 hours with ground roasted cricket flour before being strained through a superb (very fine micro mesh filter).  An acorn cordial was created then carbonated using a soda syphon which, in turn, is used as a mixer for our cricket rum.  The flavour is lighter than a rum and coke, but infinitely more complex. The acorn substituting for the nuttiness of the cola, and the malted notes from cricket providing this incredible depth of flavour and colour.  It’s now an addition to our house cocktail list – our interpretation of a classic.

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