Keep up with the Industry

Healthy living is a very current trend especially during the summer time. Below are just a few clean living Chefs you can see in action at Speciality & Fine Food Fair.


Tanya Maher is the founder of the ultimate wellness company BetterRaw and co-founder of a high-end gourmet raw restaurant Tanya’s Cafe. She will be demonstrating what sweeteners are available to use in raw food ‘uncooking’ and how you can create different colouring’s with only plants. Find out more here.




Nicky Clinch is a Certified Macrobiotic Nutritionist, Life Counsellor & Chef who will be looking and quick and simple meals that give you the best balance and optimal health. She will also touch on clean cooking with maximum flavour and look along with individual foods that effect our overall health and wellbeing. Find out more here.



steve rowe

Steven Rowe, Founder of Leaner Living will be looking at the nutrition and fitness side of things. He will be teaming up with Chef Steve Walpole to bring you an insight in to why considering the science behind nutrition is so important, along with combining some unusual superfoods. Find out more here.