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MAMIE’S brings the great taste of Brittany to the heart of Great Britain.

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French cuisine has always been a firmly held favourite in the hearts of the British food lover. From fine-dining to hand-held street food, the culinary delights of France have fully infiltrated London’s food scene. But there is one exception perhaps, and all is about to change as MAMIE’S brings the UKs first ever genuine crêperie, that unmistakably Breton institution, to London’s Covent Garden this summer.

While classic French cuisine and mediocre crêpes has long been available throughout the nation’s capital, hungry Londoners and foodies of every stripe hankering after an authentic crêpe dining experience have, until now, not been so well catered for. It was this gap in the market that fuelled founder and entrepreneur Aymeric Peurois, to bring MAMIE’S to life. Having previously worked as head of a small wealth management firm in the city, Aymeric soon realised it was time to relish his passion as a crêpe connoisseur.

Over three floors, MAMIE’S will deliver the enduring flavour of a thousand fondly remembered holidays to France and even a taste of home for all the homesick Bretons and Parisians living in London. Crêpes are often thought as being enjoyed on-the-go, here you will be welcome to make yourself feel at home with a few friends or even make some new ones in a charming restaurant environment, which will also feature a bespoke Cidrothèque in the basement.

Even if London has been starved of a truly great crêperie for too long, the distinctive taste of a crêpe is something that is familiar to most of us. Light and luscious, these French favourites can be enjoyed as part of a full “galette and crêpe” meal or as something delicious on the go, plain and simple or with a whole range of different flavours and fillings. It is MAMIE’S mission to bring the very best crêpes this side of Brittany to the centre of London.

What may be less familiar to fans of French food in London, however, is the crêpe’s close cousin the galette. Lighter and healthier altogether, this mainstay of Breton cooking has been seldom experienced outside of France until now. The elusive galette, neither sweet nor salty, boasts the distinguished taste of buckwheat, a uniquely nutty and delicious flavor. They are the perfect vehicle for savory fillings but, for some, can also indisputably replace a crêpe. In Brittany, the traditional galette is like the iconic French baguette, it has to be spot-on, both soft and crunchy!

IMG_5944 lrThe galette is made from buckwheat flour, favoured amongst health conscious foodies due to being gluten-free, so the enjoyment is doubled if you are both a coeliac and a fan of authentic French food. Usually served as a main course and with the finest savoury fillings, MAMIE’S bona fide galettes will prove to be an exciting new addition to the wide range of fantastic French food available to feast on in London.

And what of this aforementioned cider cellar, also known as La Cidrothèque; well, in Brittany the perfect accompaniment to a crêpe or a galette is a crisp, clean and invigorating “bolée” – or bowl – of cider. Since this is the case, it was only right that MAMIE’S should focus on ensuring the very best cider is available for their visitors to enjoy while they dine. In addition to 10 of the most delicious French ciders (from both Brittany and Normandy), you can also find distinguished British ciders as well as tasty numbers from Ireland, Sweden, Belgium and even as far afield as New Zealand. Best enjoyed in the relaxing, bar-like basement of La Cidrothèque itself, where guests will also find light, tart, and refreshing cider cocktails. The perfect pairing to wash down MAMIE’s bespoke galette tapas plates, or crêpes with… And like the galette, cider is also gluten-free!

The values at the heart of MAMIE’S are both traditional and modern. They desire to bring the best of the classic cuisine of Brittany to a setting that contemporary Londoners can relax and socialise in. Covent Garden’s newest hangout will boast chic, retro décor, and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition to the laid-back basement Cidrothèque, MAMIE’S will also feature a more informal coffee shop style space for serving food quickly to Londoners on the move, as well as selling some of their favourite ingredients and staples of Brittany.

A “Mamie” in French is a beloved grandmother, normally the member of the family who will dish out the crêpes and galettes to the hungry kids. MAMIE’S will serve the same purpose in London, bringing the best of Brittany to big and little kids alike!

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