WALTER AND MONTY: A Street Food Inferno!

Taste buds and charcoal alike have heated up for the recent opening of Walter and Monty, London’s ‘hottest’ grill, which opened at the end of March in the City of London (Bury Court EC3A).

Following a string of successful street food and pop up opportunities, such as the foodie acclaimed Night Tales in East London, Walter and Monty have opened their first permanent site.

The creation of former trader Alex Kaye, Walter and Monty finally allows him to channel his ‘inner chef’ and share with Londoners his passion for what he believes to be the best way to cook food: on the grill. Street food cooked with Michelin expertise, the entire menu will be overseen by Alex along with accomplished head chef, Nick Ross who has trained and worked alongside culinary greats including the two Michelin starred Daniel Boulud and Scott Conant.

Joining the appetite for BBQ currently rumbling through London, Walter & Monty is proud to present their version of charcoal cooking. Gutsy street-food in style and unrivalled in taste, here the best quality meat and fish is marinated in exotic elixirs that give a nod to the vibrant flavours of the East but cooked, delivered and executed very much to Western tastes.

On the Grill expect to see Walter & Monty’s famous beef picanha / top sirloin sourced from London’s best meat market Smithfield, as well as butterflied Leg of Lamb marinated in mint, garlic and lemon. Serving choices are simple; enjoy it wrapped in a flatbread warmed on the grill or straight up with rice and salad and don’t forget your choice of house sauce on the side (choose from no less than six) which range from a flaming Scotch Bonnet to a more mellow Feta and Garlic. Whichever combination you choose, Walter and Monty comes with a taste bud guarantee: to produce food that makes your mouth water and is lip-licking delicious.

Aside from meat and fish, a big feature of the Walter and Monty menu are their salads, which again celebrate the very best in flavour that are sure to add ‘Zing’ and add plenty of ‘Yum’ to your lunchtime plate. Serving a selection of at least five different salads, all of which are bulging with colour and taste making them a feast for the eyes and tummy; think Beans and Peas Salad (kidney beans, chickpeas, coco beans, lentils, fava beans, French beans, red onion, diced fennel, black olive, feta cheese, and oregano vinaigrette) as well as Cauliflower Salad (50% roasted cauliflower, 50% deep fried cauliflower, brown butter croutons, crispy pancetta, shaved parmesan cheese, cumin vinaigrette)..

Like the food, the interior is lively, and has been masterminded by the same team that worked on Night Tales, design studio Two First Names. On arriving at Walter and Monty a glass panel provides a clear viewpoint directly into the restaurant’s engine room: the grills. Meanwhile the open kitchen gives way to naked flames and sumptuous smells, commanded by a triumvirate of chefs it’s sure to get your appetite racing! The kitchen is bordered by a chunky marble counter where all salads are firmly on display for you to choose from at your will. Another key counter feature will be the five foot chopping board, not for the faint hearted this is a kitchen-cum-butcher where all meat will be prepared in front of you giving an insight into cleaver skills and accomplished butchery and is food theatre at its best. A colour palate of muted grey, navy blue and vintage gold combined with wooden panelled walls and wood parquet flooring create an authentic Butchers Shop feel.

A separate breakfast counter serves coffee by day, transforming into a drinks cabinet by night (once W&M opens the evening) and here the barman will be shaking several house specials including Bloody Mary and Dirty Martini. For those dining in, banquette seating will provide a perfect rest bite and for those wanting a beer with their food why not have a keg? Here your very own Premium Beer Keg is fed through to every banquet from which you can free pour to provide limitless beer on tap.

Opening in two phases; currently for lunch, once this is mastered, breakfast and dinner will follow, ensuring no one leaves the city hungry (or disappointed for that matter!)

The new kid on the block, Walter and Monty intends to set appetites alight but there is no need to fan the flames… they will be leaping at you regardless – this is a place you certainly won’t be able to miss!

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Owner: Alex Kaye
Head Chef: Nick Ross

No.Covers: 30
Address: Bury Court EC3A

For press enquiries contact Alice