The Art of Mixology

There has always been a connection with food and art. What started as penniless artists filling restaurant wall space for a free meal is now a carefully considered (and sometimes costly) curation. But one London cocktail bar has gone a step further; they have incorporated art and design into their cocktail menu.

Purl in Marylebone is using cocktails to add to the design of the bar and create an experience to go alongside every drink. This Speakeasy-style bar has an extensive experimental cocktail list, all of which creates a story for the consumer. Purl has been recognised for its innovative new style and drinks that satisfy on a multi-sensory level.

This exciting new method has been very well received since Purl opened in 2010 and has featured in more or less every ‘Best Cocktail Bar in London’ list. It is clear that Purl’s main focus is not just on fantastic drinks, but the whole ‘experience’, here are a couple of our favourites…

Paint Your Own

You are invited to paint your glass with a fruity concoction before you drink your cocktail, a unique way to give the customer control of the look and taste of the cocktail.


This is served in a camera lens, and a Polaroid photo is taken of your group when it is served.

Purl is clearly very focused on social media, but that suits the target consumer. In the highly competitive scene that is London cocktail bars, it isn’t enough to have a mojito plonked in front you. Customers want an experience and preferably one that shares well on Instagram – which Purl certainly gets right.

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